Pfizer 2017 Annual Review The Power of Science

Pfizer 2017 Annual Review

2017 Annual Review Quick Read

Our business, Our purpose

Our business, Our purpose Quick read


Includes information about Pfizer’s 2017 achievements in Access to Medicines, Top Ten Medicines and Vaccines, Colleagues, Progress on Our 2020 Environmental Sustainability Goals and information about our Performance and Financial Guidance.

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Understanding the External Environment

At Pfizer, we are committed to responding to key market trends in the external environment such as addressing changing patient demographics, political uncertainty, patient empowerment, pricing, access, innovation and data, competition from generics, trust and expectations and antimicrobial resistance.

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Sustainable Development Goals

In September 2015, the United Nations (UN) officially introduced its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to transform our world and “leave no one behind” by 2030. The goals were adopted by 193 nations, and the UN has called for broad-based support of the SDGs, including active involvement by the private sector. Pfizer supports the SDGs and works to align its scientific focus and corporate objectives to improve global public health impact and sustainable development. Achieving good health and well-being is integral to all 17 of the goals, and is specifically addressed in Goal 3, which states that every person deserves access to quality health care.

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Delivering Value through our Global Businesses

Science has the power to positively impact global health through the introduction of breakthrough medicines, the collaborative effort to eliminate disease, the application of technology to disease and vaccines management and the implementation of innovative access strategies. Pfizer is focused on harnessing the full power of science to develop a comprehensive portfolio of medicines and vaccines that transform the lives of patients around the world. This purpose drives our desire to provide access to medicines for patients that are safe, effective and affordable. Through our Pfizer Essential Health (PEH) and Pfizer Innovative Health (PIH) businesses, we believe we are well positioned to deliver on this purpose while also driving value for our shareholders. With each business focusing on global, but specific, areas of medicine and related-services, our structure allows us to be more responsive and flexible to best meet the evolving needs of the patients we serve.

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Pfizer Essential Health

Pfizer Essential Health (PEH) medicines reach more than 300 million patients a year at virtually every stage of life. The depth and breadth of our portfolio of trusted medicines and capabilities delivers value to patients throughout the world. Whether it’s using new technology and our deep experience to increase access to an essential medicine, or combating an emerging health risk, our ability to innovate and anticipate customer and patient needs allows us to make meaningful and inspired contributions to improving global health.

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Pfizer Innovative Health

At Pfizer Innovative Health (PIH), putting the patient first defines how we organize ourselves and evaluate performance across our six business groups – Consumer Healthcare, Inflammation & Immunology, Internal Medicine (cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and pain), Oncology, Rare Disease and Vaccines – and, most of all, it keeps us committed to creating a healthier world.

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Manufacturing & Supply Chain Excellence

At Pfizer, our purpose is to bring innovative medicines to patients. To meet that commitment, we take a rigorous scientific approach to our global manufacturing and supply network. With 58 manufacturing sites around the world under Pfizer Global Supply (PGS), we harness data to inform our decisions and processes, creating a highly efficient manufacturing and supply network that continually optimizes the way we deliver medicines to our patients. In 2017, we continued to strive to set the industry standard for quality, safety and value in the development and manufacturing of our medicines.

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Our Culture

At Pfizer, we believe our internal culture is as essential to our purpose as our external reputation – and that the two are inextricably linked. With that in mind, our OWNIT! culture empowers all colleagues to “act like an owner.” We expect every colleague to take personal responsibility for their careers and be accountable for their work in order to make a positive impact on the business.

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Community Health

Pfizer is committed to helping patients live the healthiest and fullest lives possible. This is driven by our rigorous approach to working with our partners as we continually evaluate community health needs and find integrated, long-term solutions that best serve patients. Our deep partnerships with community organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), global health bodies, industry peers and others, inform our understanding of the unique needs of communities and are the foundation upon which we can develop programs that yield meaningful improvements in global health.

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Access to Medicines

The science of providing access to patients who need life-saving treatments is often complicated and requires collaboration and partnership. At Pfizer, we leverage our size and scale to create a strong infrastructure for supporting global public health efforts. We take a holistic look at the world’s most pressing challenges and make strategic decisions about where Pfizer is best positioned to not only impact patients today, but also in the future. We discover, develop and bring to market life-saving medicines and vaccines that help improve people’s lives while helping to ensure that individuals get and maintain uninterrupted access to our products.

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Board of Directors

Biographies of the members of Pfizer’s Board of Directors.

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Executive Leadership Team

Biographies of the members of Pfizer’s Executive Leadership Team.

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Our Innovation

Our innovation Quick read


As one of the world's leading innovative biopharmaceutical companies, Pfizer is at the forefront of developing, manufacturing and delivering high-quality biosimilars to patients, physicians, and payers. Biosimilars have the potential to expand patient access to treatment and to create a more sustainable health care system. This should be achieved without compromising quality and by making resources available for further investment and innovation, so that more patients may receive the best possible care.

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Infectious diseases continue to be one of the largest threats to global public health. At Pfizer, we are driven by our desire to protect health and address the medical needs of people suffering from infectious diseases. Starting with our pioneering work on penicillin in the 1940s, we have a long and proud heritage of addressing evolving infectious disease challenges.

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Pfizer’s advances in oncology exemplify the power of scientific innovation to transform lives. From immuno-oncology to cell therapy to the continued evolution of personalized medicine, our portfolio and pipeline of cutting-edge therapies aim to change the way the world approaches cancer treatment. We apply that same rigor to meeting the day-to-day emotional, financial and educational needs of these patients in order to help improve their lives in measurable ways.

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Rare Disease

At Pfizer, we are deeply committed to helping patients suffering from rare diseases. One area where Pfizer sees scientific potential is in gene therapy. The technology behind certain gene therapies involves introducing genetic material into the body of a patient to deliver a correct copy of a gene to compensate for a defective or missing one. We are working to explore the promise of gene therapy by leveraging our growing expertise and by making strategic investments, including building dedicated manufacturing facilities, and forging new partnerships and collaborations.

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Pfizer Vaccines is infusing the power of transformative science into disease prevention. Our colleagues are committed to pursuing research and forming partnerships that speed the development and delivery of new, life-saving prophylactic vaccines for bacterial and viral diseases, infectious diseases and even cancer.

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As our understanding of the science and nature of disease evolves, Pfizer strives to address the needs of patients through our extensive portfolio of medicines and vaccines with a keen eye toward the future. Powered by innovative discovery research and development, our scientists take pride in inventing molecules that have the potential to meet patient needs and taking them through rigorous testing and, hopefully, registration and regulatory approval. We have built a broad pipeline of compounds that we believe hold the promise of delivering new, life-changing therapies for a wide range of debilitating and chronic diseases.

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Clinical Trials

Science and innovation are core to everything we do at Pfizer, and our drug development activities, including our clinical trials, are no exception. We readily embrace cutting-edge technologies, strategies and partnerships to help ensure our clinical trials are conducted with speed, agility and the highest attention to quality, to bring innovative medicines and vaccines to patients as quickly as possible. As technologies evolve, Pfizer is evolving drug development – the “D” in R&D. Development encompasses many activities, from pharmacology to data management, but the heart of it is clinical trials – the rigorous process by which a proposed therapy is tested in humans, often over the course of many years, to assess safety and efficacy. As of the end of 2017, Pfizer had more than 300 active trials under way involving more than 55,000 patients.

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Our Sustainable Policies & Practices

Our Sustainable Policies & Practices Quick read

Governance & Ethics

At Pfizer, we understand that good governance is essential to the success of our business and we conduct ourselves accordingly.

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Environment, Health & Safety

Pfizer's commitment to ensuring every individual lives the healthiest life possible goes beyond just health care. We are dedicated to protecting the environment and communities around us and ensuring the health and safety of our colleagues.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Throughout Pfizer, we regularly engage with a broad range of stakeholders who impact the way we do business globally and on regional and local levels. These stakeholders help inform and validate our decision-making processes and provide us with guidance and insights that can help us move our business forward responsibly, allowing us to continue to develop and deliver innovative, transformative medicines and vaccines to the people who need them.

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