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Strengthening Our Commitment to Equity

In 2019, Pfizer conducted a global gender pay equity and U.S. race pay equity analysis and was proud to release the top-lineresults internally and externally.

The data confirmed equitable pay practices at Pfizer between women and men globally, as well as between minority and non-minority colleagues in the U.S. In terms of both base pay and total compensation, we pay our female colleagues globally at greater than 99% of what we pay male colleagues. When looking at minority versus non-minority pay in the U.S., minorities are paid dollar-for-dollar the same as non-minorities.

However, pay parity is only the beginning; real success comes with equal opportunities.

“Pay equity isn’t just about paying fairly, it is also about the potential to earn,” says Dawn Rogers, Chief Human Resources Officer. “While it’s good to know that women and minorities in leadership positions at Pfizer are paid appropriately, it is just as important to know that everyone has the same opportunities to grow, develop and succeed. We can’t talk about equity without making these opportunities a reality.”

Our people are our greatest asset and the engine that fuels Pfizer’s success. We’re taking a more focused and direct approach to diversity and inclusion through ambitious goals to increase the representation of women and minorities in leadership roles by 2025.

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