Breakthroughs changing more than 1.3 billion lives

In 2022, we applied the lightspeed principles that drove the development of our COVID–19 vaccine and treatment to help address unmet needs across all therapeutic areas. Our people continued to live our values—courage, excellence, equity, and joy—pursuing their passions and impacting an evolving world.

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Breakthroughs at lightspeed

Pfizer can reach more patients with life-saving treatments, sooner.

Since 2019, we’ve decreased our median first-in-human to approval development timeline for new medicines and vaccines from nine years to approximately five years in 2022.

People-Driven Initiatives

These passionate Pfizer colleagues transformed personal visions into large-scale realities that are positively impacting people all over the world.

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“Pfizer’s support during this time makes me even prouder of my company. The millions of product donations arranged and the $30 million committed for humanitarian support 1 has and will continue to, quite literally, save lives.”
Zoriana Tsilyk
Ukraine Country Manager
“The Pfizer Refugee Leadership Initiative is not a hand-out. We see what refugees can bring to the table, and we welcome their diverse perspectives and experience.”
Mona Babury
Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Pfizer Refugee Leadership Initiative Founder
“Women are the Chief Health Officers of their families. At Essence Fest, we listened to their stories and we learned. And we will continue to do so in order to better serve them.”
Zainab Wasti
U.S. Covid-19 Vaccine Consumer Experience Lead
“Patients in Focus is a dedicated time where Pfizer colleagues, around the world, across all our markets and functions, take time to reflect on the impact patients and advocates have on our work.”
Emma Andrews
PharmD, VP Global Patient Advocacy
  1. Donations and humanitarian support were arranged by the Pfizer Foundation, a charitable organization established by Pfizer Inc. It is a separate legal entity from Pfizer Inc. with distinct legal restrictions.