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Innovation that's Changing Lives and Careers



Pfizer owns innovation, and our goal is to change lives for generations to come. Whatever the disease, our team in Ireland work on a huge range of projects, technologies and processes to turn advanced science into the therapies that matter most. Their efforts are one of the greatest human endeavors. And together, they’re impacting millions around the world.

At Pfizer, you can see the progress you make happen through your work. With each new product that goes to market and every breakthrough you help create, you actively redefine healthcare — and your own potential — at the same time.

While you may make our first-class Irish facilities your home, you’ll be part of a uniquely collaborative global community. It will see you work, learn, and innovate with leading talent around the world. You’ll join an inspiring collective. Share different ideas, experiences and points of view. With inspiration like that, you’re certain to grow and develop with Pfizer.

What are we working on?

Through major research efforts across multiple modalities, our people are developing the medical solutions that will matter most to the people we serve. Right now, Pfizer is prioritizing its research and development efforts in areas where we can make the biggest difference to health and social care burdens.

  • Cardiovascular, metabolic and rare disease
  • Immunology and inflammation
  • Neuroscience and pain
  • Oncology
  • Vaccines
  • A critical part in the process of bringing new therapies to patients is clinical development – the study of potential new therapies in humans. Pfizer is committed to enhanced clinical and regulatory quality and compliance to ensure we deliver to schedule right, first time round. It’s standards like these that continue to build trust among key stakeholders as each new drug makes its way into its global markets.

  • With one of the most progressively strategic environments in pharmaceuticals, Pfizer Ireland is a leader in creating a discipline around Clinical Innovation. Here, you’ll take advantage of the cutting-edge tools, approaches and partnerships that ensure our clinical trials are executed with optimal quality, speed and agility. All while leveraging real-world data for maximum patient engagement.

  • We take pride in putting patient safety first at Pfizer – from the moment a new compound is discovered, and for as long as a medicine is prescribed. It is our ethical and regulatory responsibility to monitor the safety of our medicines wherever they’re marketed. Once a drug compound is approved, we monitor its safety and work with governments and others to secure the supply chain and prevent counterfeiting.

  • External collaboration is critical to advancing our R&D strategy and expediting new medical breakthroughs. We continue to work with a broad array of organisations to connect the assets and capabilities that have the potential to speed the development of new medicines for patients – meaning you can develop externally, as well as internally.