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We actively support our current portfolio companies throughout their growth cycles contributing strategic guidance in addition to capital as well as access to Pfizer expertise, when appropriate. 

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    • With a $600M capital commitment for investment, Pfizer Ventures backs private companies at all stages of development.
    • We have a strong focus on early-stage opportunities. But other investments, including start-ups and spinouts, are also considered in scope.
    • While primarily U.S. focused, international investments may represent up to 20 percent of the portfolio.
    • We can lead or join a syndicate of investors and will seek board representation commensurate with our investment.
    • Our investments are focused on potentially transformative therapeutics, with an emphasis in our core therapeutic areas: Inflammation & Immunology, Internal Medicine, Oncology, Rare Disease, and Vaccines.
    • We also consider platform technologies, diagnostics, drug delivery, pharmaceutical services, and other technologies that have the potential to transform drug discovery and development
    • Pfizer Ventures is an active investor, working with management to develop product strategy and shareholder value.
    • We bring a pharmaceutical perspective and have the potential to utilize our internal networks and expertise.
    • We have a streamlined approval process for investment decisions.
    • All investments have the potential for a business relationship with Pfizer.
    • Emphasis primarily on therapeutics (80%)
    • Platforms, tools, and technologies with potential to transform drug discovery and development are also considered (20%)
    • U.S. focused primarily
    • Approximately 20 percent of investments may be outside the U.S
    • Direct investing in private companies
    • All stages possible, with focus on early stage
    • Strategic and financial
    • Measured over long term
    • $600M current capital commitment from Pfizer AUM $1.3B
    • Up to $15M in first investment; reserved allocation for follow-on investments
    • Investing as member of a syndicate
    • Syndicate member must be located near company
    • Potential for business relationship with Pfizer considered in investment criteria
    • Can be transacted in parallel with investment or explored in the future
    • Contribute capital and industry experience to help guide development and company growth
    • Scientific advisory board participation when appropriate
    • Minority ownership positions
    • Board seats where appropriate
    • Traditional VC investment
    • Product rights not required

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Vice President, WWBD / Senior Managing Partner

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Executive Director, WWBD / Partner

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