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In Pursuit of a Lyme Disease Vaccine: Why We Need It and What It Has the Potential to Do

Lyme disease is the most common vector-borne illness in the United States. And yet, the actual cases are vastly underreported.

Equitable Access to Multiple Myeloma Treatments Can Help Close the Survival Gap

Patients with multiple myeloma have not benefitted equally from medical innovations. Black patients are 50% less likely to undergo stem cell transplantation than white patients.

Patients’ Voices Shape the Drug Development Process Through a Preference Survey

The insights gleaned from respondents with sickle cell disease and their caregivers will help Pfizer scientists better understand patients' priorities.

A Billion Doses Delivered: 3 Lessons from the Fight Against Trachoma

Trachoma was eliminated from much of the developed world by the 1950s. Yet, it still causes blindness, disability, and suffering throughout the world.

How to Dispose of Unused Medicine Responsibly to Protect the Environment

Learn more about the effects of pharmaceuticals on the environment and how to dispose of unused medicine responsibly.

Why Compliance Matters and Why Patients Should Care

"Compliance” is the name of those stringent rules and regulations that guide the process to develop new therapeutics. But there’s so much more at stake.

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Understanding Obesity as a Complex Disease Some people think obesity is simply caused by unhealthy eating habits and not exercising enough. But, in fact, the scientific and medical community defines obesity as a complex, multifactoral chronic disease. Gene Therapy Myth Busting Quiz Pfizer experts discuss some of the myths that persist about how gene therapy treatments work and what they can potentially do. Can you separate fact from fiction? Understanding Pfizer’s Product Pipeline Pfizer’s product pipeline is a summary of the investigational medicines and vaccines that we’re currently researching and testing, but it can mean so much more. Here’s what it is and why you should care.
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