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A fundamental element of our Company’s Purpose and Mission is a commitment to the delivery of safe and effective products to patients and consumers. 

To meet this commitment, we maintain a quality-focused culture to ensure the highest priority is placed on: 

  • The safety, efficacy, and reliability of our products 

  • The safety of our patients and consumers 

  • The quality of data supporting regulatory submissions 

  • Interactions with our stakeholders 

Our leaders are committed to maintaining a culture of excellence with appropriate systems and processes in place to drive quality-focused behaviors. We work to ensure that decision making is based on what is best for product quality, patient and consumer safety, and protection of our reputation and business. 

As part of Pfizer’s commitment to Quality: 

  • Pfizer’s business is conducted in compliance with applicable quality regulations, codes, and standards 

  • Division leaders are accountable to ensure procedures are in place that adequately define the expectations for work that supports, or directly affects, product quality, product registration, and/or data that supports product quality and patient or consumer safety 

  • All Colleagues and Contingent Workers have the appropriate education, training, skills, and experience to carry out their work competently, in accordance with applicable regulations and Pfizer policies and procedures 

  • Records, documentation, and data are managed in accordance with applicable regulations 

  • Processes for escalating issues to ensure product integrity and patient and consumer safety are in place and consistently used  

  • There is effective oversight of any third party carrying out work on behalf of Pfizer 

Pfizer’s Quality Policy is implemented through a comprehensive Quality Management System. Our performance is monitored and regularly reviewed to ensure our standards of conduct meet our high expectations of quality for our patients, customers, and stakeholders. 

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Skipped Childhood Immunizations Could Lead to Resurgence of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases 

Childhood vaccination rates dropped drastically during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it could potentially mean a resurgence of diseases we've long had under control.

Skipped Childhood Immunizations Could Lead to Resurgence of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases 
Your Health

Addressing Disproportionate Childhood Vaccination

Vaccines for children should be available and accessible to all.

Addressing Disproportionate Childhood Vaccination

How Does a Protease Inhibitor Work

The FDA has authorized Pfizer’s COVID-19 oral treatment for emergency use.

How Does a Protease Inhibitor Work
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