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Life-saving therapies can be delivered in many forms—from pills to sterile injectables.

But producing them requires unique expertise. Our Pfizer Global Supply (PGS) colleagues, who live and work in many different regions, demonstrate the talent and passion to meet this challenge every day

We make some of the world’s most sophisticated, lifesaving therapies – ranging from mRNA vaccines to gene therapies – that use state-of-the-art technologies and rely on the expertise of our talented and passionate Pfizer Global Supply (PGS) colleagues and our partners.  

Our 42 manufacturing sites, which support Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group, are located around the world and are leveraging the latest digital and bioprocessing technologies to provide hundreds of different medicines and vaccines to patients in more than 125 countries – more than 20 billion doses in just one year.  

Every year, we sustain and create thousands of good jobs and strive to be a top-tier employer, a green company and a good corporate citizen wherever we work. 

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When an unexpected medical need arises (such as a viral outbreak), we rapidly adjust our manufacturing processes and bring to bear the resources needed to quickly produce doses of vaccines and drugs. 
In an era of new pandemics, the faster we can move, the more lives that will be saved.

The medicines available today have taken an average of 12 years to develop. With dedication, creativity, and science, we can significantly cut that time.

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