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It is the tireless commitment of all our colleagues within manufacturing and supply that makes our supply chain one of the most resilient in the industry.

At Pfizer, innovation isn’t limited to just developing lifesaving medicines – it also extends to how we make them. From small molecules to breakthrough oncology medicines, our manufacturing and supply colleagues work all over the world to produce hundreds of different medicines and vaccines and get them to people where and when they need them.

Our innovators leverage their technical know-how to solve problems every day, from designing solutions like a thermal shipper that doubles as an ultra-cold freezer for the COVID-19 vaccine to using augmented reality to diagnose and repair equipment. And there are countless other examples of innovation at work.

They’re doing all of this within a resilient global network of:

  • 39 manufacturing sites and 11 distribution/logistics centers
  • 28,000 global manufacturing and distribution colleagues
  • Supplying medicines and vaccines to 181 countries
  • Delivering more than 25 billion doses every year  
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Are you a sterile processing technician, chemical operator or other manufacturing professional interested in joining our team of innovators?

Heroes of Pfizer Manufacturing and Supply

At the heart of our manufacturing, supply and distribution engine are our colleagues, who work tirelessly to make our supply chain among the most resilient in the industry.

Follow some of our heroes on their journey to make and distribute crucial medicines and vaccines.

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Manufacturing Facilities

Throughout our 173-year history, we’ve built the industry’s most innovative manufacturing infrastructure, which was put to the test during the COVID-19 pandemic and is poised to take on the next global health challenge:

  • Our colleagues cut our COVID-19 manufacturing timeline from 110 days to 60 days, while remaining as focused as ever on safety, quality and compliance.
  • We used GPS-enabled thermal sensors to ensure our cold chain distribution delivered our vaccines at the right temperature.
  • We efficiently brought on manufacturing partners for our COVID-19 vaccine, completing complex technology transfers in nine to 18 months.

Global PGS Map

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Learn more about our U.S. manufacturing and distribution centers

Supply Chain

We’ve built redundancies and flexibility into our supply chains so patients get the medicines they need. These include a gene therapy facility that will focus on manufacturing one product but will be able to pivot half or all of its capacity to a different product in the future. 

In 2020, Pfizer partnered with more than 300 suppliers and added 44 qualified and capable small businesses, significantly increasing diversity within our supply chain and making it even more resilient.

Read about how Pfizer is meeting the challenge of delivering billions of COVID-19 vaccine doses around the world.

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PAXLOVID Supply Chain

To ensure our new oral COVID-19 treatment, PAXLOVID, would get where it needed to go as quickly as possible, we started building our supply chain and manufacturing capabilities early in 2020 – before we got emergency use authorization from the FDA – so we could have thousands of courses ready to ship within 24 hours of regulatory authorization.

Read more about Pfizer’s early investment in the PAXLOVID supply chain, months before authorization when it was still in clinical trials.

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Gene Therapy

As our R&D colleagues develop gene therapies, we continue to expand our manufacturing footprint to ensure these potential treatment options get to patients as quickly as possible, subject to approvals.

Pfizer has invested in three facilities to scale up gene therapies from lab flasks to large reactors and produce thousands of doses of medicine per year. We focus on the four key steps to gene manufacturing: raw material preparation, upstream processes, downstream processes, and product completion and packaging.

Learn more about how we manufacture gene therapies at our site in North Carolina.

Visit the Sanford, NC site

Manufacturing Resources

Learn more about how Pfizer’s Global Supply team is innovating to meet the needs of an evolving world. 

Safety and Product Quality

Even when called upon to accelerate our manufacturing for a global health crisis, we always remain steadfast in our commitment to safety and product quality.

Learn more about how we ensure product safety at every step of the process.

Our commitment to quality