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Healthcare professionals are helping us  to make our medicines better:

We’re committed to meeting the highest ethical standards while working with healthcare professionals.

Our Health & Safety policies enable our colleagues to be at their very best, which allows us to achieve breakthroughs that change patients’ lives across the globe, while paying special attention to underserved or disaster-affected communities.

We want to share the power of our resources to achieve a healthier world for everyone. We’re committed to using everything at our disposal—from our medicines and vaccines to our financial investments and colleagues’ expertise—all in the name of providing quality healthcare services for patients everywhere.

And because our resources allow us to reach so many people, we’re committed to using our global presence and scale to make a difference throughout the world.

Incredible things can happen when people come together with one shared goal. The future of medicine is happening here, and we’re eager to work alongside inspired and inspirational people who want to improve health around the world.

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