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The Antigen podcast goes behind the science of vaccines. We examine basic science principles, review vaccine history, explore the many facets of their global impact (including COVID-19), and the public sentiment about vaccines around the world. In our latest season, we dive into maternal immunization: the history, the challenges, the innovations, and the exciting developments to come.



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Season 3

The Antigen returns with a three-part mini-series spotlighting maternal immunization. When it comes to vaccine development, there is a shifting paradigm – help protect pregnant women and their infants through research rather than from research. As maternal immunization is advancing vaccine science and innovation, this series delves into the history of maternal immunization, the potential benefits of boosting infant immunity, and the role of maternal antibodies in helping protect infants. We’ll also explore the challenges of maternal immunization and what the future holds. Listeners will hear from three experts who are making significant contributions to the field.

Season 2

Season 2 focused on COVID-19 during the height of the pandemic. Throughout the four episodes, we share what we’ve discovered from past global health emergencies. What did we learn from Ebola, MERS, cholera, and how does it compare to the current coronavirus? How do we recover? We also wrap up with the latest headlines on Pfizer's response to the crisis.

Season 1

In The Antigen's debut season, we get into the scientific, cultural, and political elements of vaccination. We start with the basic science, review vaccine history, explore the many facets of their global impact – and the public sentiment about vaccines around the world.


Host season1

Season 1 of The Antigen is hosted by Yasmeen Agosti, MD FAAP. Yasmeen is a pediatrician and a Global Medical Lead, Viral Vaccines at Pfizer. She is a Ph.D. candidate in Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at the University of Witwatersrand. Yasmeen trained as a general pediatrician in Philadelphia and, later, conducted clinical research on respiratory syncytial virus in South Africa as part of her doctoral studies. She joined Pfizer in 2017.  
Learn more about her background and current work at Pfizer

Host season2

Season 2 is hosted by Lindsey Dietschi. As the Vice President, Global Health Partnerships Lead in Pfizer's Emerging Markets, Lindsey led a team that established partnerships to bring Pfizer medicines and vaccines to people in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. She has worked at Pfizer for nearly 19 years and in vaccines for more than 10 years, including serving as the representative of the developed world vaccine manufacturers on the Programme and Policy Committee of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. Lindsey has a Bachelor of Arts from Michigan State University and Master of Business Administration from the Stern School of Business at New York University, where she is also currently an Adjunct Professor in the Management Communications department.

Host season3

Season 3 is hosted by Kari Yacisin, MD, MSc. She is an infectious disease physician and a Senior Medical Director in Vaccines at Pfizer, and has over 14 years of experience in the medical field and public health. She trained in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, and then completed training with CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service. She worked in public health for several years before returning to clinical work and seeing patients. In 2019, she joined Pfizer Vaccines Clinical Research and Development as a Medical Monitor, and in 2021 moved to her current role as a U.S. Medical Affairs Pipeline Vaccines Lead.

This podcast is powered by Pfizer. The information, statements, comments, views and opinions expressed by those guests featured in this podcast are their own and not necessarily representative of the views and opinions of Pfizer Inc.