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Biotherapeutics Discovery & Development

Transformational technologies to design, construct, and optimize biotherapeutics

  • Informed protein design optimizes bioactivity and molecular properties resulting in superior efficacy, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, safety, manufacturability and differentiations

Bioconjugation technologies

Nucleic acid delivery technologies

  • Nanoparticles, polymers and protein conjugations

Combinatorial biologics such as bi-specific and multi-functional platforms with promising biophysical and manufacturing properties

Structure-based and computational design of therapeutics including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

  • Novel computational technologies to rationally design antibody, protein and peptide therapeutics that display superior pharmaceutical properties (including selectivity, half-life extension, stability, formulatability)

Technologies that enhance multi-transmembrane protein target expression/presentation for antibody generation and screening

Technologies and patient sample access for antibody discovery from human antibody responses

Targeted delivery technologies that address/overcome cell/tissue selectivity, cell membrane penetration, cross blood brain barrier

Integrated service providers to support early discovery activities for development of therapeutics

Broadly applicable platforms to enhance speed/quality of antibody generation

Novel biologics, combination therapies, and mRNA therapeutics that fit Pfizer strategies