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Supplier Partnerships

Pfizer actively supports collaborative industry efforts to improve performance in supply chain management. These include efforts with our suppliers, the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI), and the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC).

Through these relationships and others, we look for synergistic opportunities to help suppliers achieve better, more sustainable EHS performance.

In particular, we aim to:

  • Contribute to a more sustainable global supply chain.
  • Ensure our suppliers follow the PSCI's Pharmaceutical Industry Principles for Responsible Supply Chain Management.
  • Build EHS capacity in our supply chain.

Notable actions in our Supplier Partnerships include:

  • Aligning with internal partners to establish a global sustainability survey for distribution to key suppliers.
  • Working directly with suppliers to perform energy assessments, sharing good practices in greenhouse gas emission reductions, saving costs, and energy efficiencies.
  • Supporting the PSCI which was adopted by other biopharmaceutical companies dedicated to helping suppliers achieve better environmental, health and safety performance while improving labor standards.
  • Establishing a partnership with the ISC, an organization committed to advancing sustainability in developing countries through education and training.

Recent performance achievements include: