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Supplier Review

Pfizer believes that providing fast, flexible and innovative supply solutions is entirely compatible with demanding high standards for quality, safety and environmental protection. We are committed to using suppliers that demonstrate strong performance in EHS management.

We seek to ensure that our chemical and biological product suppliers demonstrate strong performance in the management of environment, health and safety risks. For years, we have been providing EHS support to help our suppliers improve their EHS management skills. We also have a long-running program to assess the EHS performance of our suppliers by performing onsite evaluations. The results of these assessments are factored into the supplier selection process. Where improvement is needed, we help suppliers reduce risk with targeted training and coaching, and require action plans that call for timely upgrades of facilities and management systems.

In particular, we aim to:

  • Purchase goods and services considering EHS criteria.
  • Reduce potential risks of business interruption to our global supply chain.

Notable actions we undertake in supplier reviews include:

  • Conducting EHS reviews of our direct suppliers on a routine basis;
  • Performing onsite evaluations to assess EHS performance;
  • Avoiding new relationships with suppliers that present excessive risk;
  • Developing and implementing improvement plans for suppliers that present elevated but manageable risks and who are amenable to implementing timely corrective actions;
  • Providing tailored training to current suppliers that demonstrated elevated risk; and
  • Conducting subsequent reviews following closure of improvement plans.