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Greener Workplace

Every commercial office, manufacturing site, logistics center and R&D facility has an impact on the environment. Through our Greener Workplace platform, we strive for continuous improvement to maximize efficiency of operations and improve environmental performance. We are committed to designing and constructing "greener buildings" that conserve energy and natural resources and help occupants engage in "greener" behaviors.

In particular, we aim to:

  • Minimize environmental impact over each facility's life.
  • Apply engineering and sustainability innovations to building management and construction.
  • Promote the best alternatives to standard building materials and office interiors that support healthier, more eco-friendly business environments.
  • Conserve natural resources and reduce energy use.

Notable actions we're taking to meet our Greener Workplace goals include:

  • Sharing best practices and developing tools to help colleagues make informed greener lifecycle cost decisions;
  • Showcasing excellence through the Pfizer Safety and Sustainability Star Awards Program. This program recognizes colleagues for achievements in energy performance, water conservation, renewable resources, recycling/reuse, waste management and indoor air quality; and
  • Engaging colleagues in cultural changes that drive green behaviors and foster innovation.

View Performance Metrics and learn how Pfizer’s initiatives are making a difference.

Pfizer has an internal "How To" website that facilitates knowledge sharing around green ideas for home and in the office.