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What do we want to achieve?

We welcome proposals for the design of a device that can measure and administer a drug multiparticulate formulation in a child friendly but child-misuse resistant format and in doses relevant for therapy in low resource settings

Which expertise do we seek?

We seek ideas from individuals or groups who understand the challenges of the low resource setting and are eager to address these challenges with their device design. We are looking for people with experience in, but not limited to, device design, drug dispensing, and human factors design. We believe that “less is more” and that we can minimize device complexity while maximizing device utility.

What are the evaluation criteria?

A review committee, led by IPI and composed of engineers, end users, and experts, will make decisions on which proposals will receive funding. Grant funding will be provided by Pfizer. Up to $50,000 is available for the award(s).

The proposals will be evaluated on:

  1. Dose accuracy
  2. Cost
  3. End user ease of use
  4. Cultural appropriateness