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Educational needs assessment to identify the decision-making and information-seeking patterns of clinicians managing patients with hematologic malignancies

University of Nebraska Medical Center

In order to efficiently support the most relevant and effective education for clinicians managing patients with hematologic malignancies (HM), there must be an understanding of the existing educational gaps. CE Outcomes and Nebraska propose to utilize a qualitative and quantitative approach to understand the educational needs of oncologists/hematologists, oncology nurses, and pathologists to accelerate the adoption of evidence-based innovations to optimally manage patients with HM. While the RFP specifically requested analysis of oncologists/hematologists, opening the assessment to a wider array of clinicians allows for an overall perspective and insight into the decision-making process of the team that manages patients with HM.

Full ProposalInterim ReportsFinal Report

Published in Leukemia and Lymphoma journal:

December 2012
Oncology Educational Needs Assessments