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Clinical trials–research studies involving human subjects – are fundamental to establishing the safety and efficacy of new medicines. Pfizer registers all sponsored interventional studies on .

As information about clinical trials is important for patients, clinicians and researchers, Pfizer also publishes summaries of results on all sponsored studies on . Pfizer also submits to peer-reviewed journals the results of all completed interventional clinical trials, regardless of result.

Pfizer is pioneering new ways to share clinical trial results with participating patients and qualified researches that are meaningful and useful, including providing lay summaries to clinical trial participants, fielding requests for access to anonymized patient-level data from academics and developing methods to share with individuals their electronic clinical data.

Clinical study Report synopses

Using the form below, you can access clinical study report synopses for all Pfizer-sponsored interventional studies completed after September 2007. These synopses complement the basic results already posted on If you are a researcher seeking detailed, patient-level data for a completed trial, you can submit a request online .