Infectious Disease

Using Web-Based Instruction Modules to Improve Practitioner Knowledge at Yale New Haven Hospital on the Prevention of Antimicrobial Resistance and Health-Care Associated Infections

Yale New Haven Hospital

This proposal seeks to address two key problems in the prevention and mitigation of antimicrobial resistance and healthcare device associated infections through the use of Web based instruction modules.

For the goal of preventing and mitigating antimicrobial resistance, clinicians require an overview of epidemiologic changes in antimicrobial resistance in the last decade; the mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance, both newly evolved as well as endemic prior mechanisms; the risk factors for antimicrobial resistance in both patient-specific factors and antimicrobial exposure risk factors; and the appropriate treatment of infectious organism to prevent for the selection of resistance.

For the second goal for the prevention and mitigation of healthcare device associated infections, clinician require an understanding of how such devices place patients at risk for infection, evidence-based methods to prevent such infections, and appropriate treatment of such infections if they do indeed occur.

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December 2012
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