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Statutory Price Disclosure For Connecticut Prescribers

Notice to Connecticut Prescribers

This information is being provided pursuant to CT House Bill 6669. The information is accurate as of September 13, 2023. The prices listed are WAC prices, which represent Pfizer’s published list prices for the products sold to wholesalers, before any discount, rebate, or other price reduction. The WAC prices listed may differ significantly from actual prices paid by customers and consumers. In addition, a product’s WAC is typically not associated with per-dose pricing, and does not necessarily reflect price per dosage, price per course of treatment or the cost effectiveness of all the products listed. Pricing information listed does not imply safety or efficacy of the product, and no comparisons should be made.

More Information

For more information on the price disclosure requirements, please contact the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection’s office:

Department of Consumer Protection 
450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 901 
Hartford, Connecticut 06103-1840 
Ph. (860) 713-6100 / (860) 418-7001| Email: [email protected]

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