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Digital for Girls

Let’s Close the Technology Gender Gap

STEM careers are not out of reach for anyone, especially not young women. That is where Digital for Girls, our pre-college program, can help.

During the program, young women from local middle and high schools can take part in a day of interactive and educational breakout sessions designed to spark their interest in technology and learn how it can be applied in the workplace. This pre-collegiate program covers everything from coding, UI design and engineering to cybersecurity and exciting emerging technologies. It is hands-on, giving them real experience and insight into how tech contributes to the success of companies like Pfizer.

Pfizer has long been a leader in technology creating breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. We strongly believe in creating opportunities for women in technology, and this program is an important part of that effort.

This is a chance for young women with an interest in technology to come together and network in a fun environment. The aim is to make them feel much more informed about choosing technology as a meaningful and rewarding career.

For Parents, Teachers and Counselors:


This is a pre-collegiate program for middle or high school female students who attend one of our local partner schools in Collegeville, PA, Groton, CT or Peapack, NJ. The students do not need any experience or skills at all – this is a great way to find out whether a technology career would be right for that individual, so all they need is an interest in exploring that.


The program takes place at schools in our local communities near our sites Collegeville, PA, Groton, CT and Peapack, NJ sites.


One-day events run in spring and fall. The Groton event is in fall 2019, while the Collegeville, PA and Peapack, NJ events are scheduled for both spring and fall 2019.

How to Engage

Teachers or counselors that Pfizer is working with at participating schools will engage to identify students who fit the profile for this program. If you are a counselor coordinating Digital for Girls with your partner school, provide a list of students (first name and last name) to our mailbox at [email protected].