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Welcome to Pfizer!

We can't wait for you to join us! To help you prepare, we’ve created an onboarding experience that will get you ready for day one, give you an opportunity to learn more about the business, and start building your networks. These activities and resources will help you understand the important role you play in our success, and the role that we play in supporting yours.

welcome to pfizer

  • We want joining Pfizer to be an exciting moment in your career. Below you’ll find various useful resources we’ve compiled specially for you. There are a few tasks for you to complete, and you can also learn more about the company, our purpose, and the important role you’ll play in our success.

    • Establish a Tentative Start date: Work with your Manager to determine a tentative start date. In most cases, the tentative start date must be at least 15 business days post acceptance of your offer.
    • Learn about our locations: Pfizer has colleagues around the world working to support our pipeline. Learn more about our Research and Development facilities and centers, and US Manufacturing, Supply and Distribution facilities.
    • Get set-up on Pfizer systems: You will receive notification from the Pfizer Digital team with instructions for set-up of your laptop or virtual desktop a few days prior to your scheduled start date. Currently, Pfizer Digital will provide, where feasible, our Desktop On Demand service (virtual desktop). Pfizer will provide a physical personal computer when we are able to deliver hardware again.
    • Complete all pre-employment requirements: You will receive a number of emails with instructions and links to the onboarding documentation and pre-employment requirements. Please complete all requirements before the deadline dates to ensure you are able to start on your preferred date.
    • Begin to learn about Pfizer: As you prepare for your first day, take the opportunity to learn about Pfizer's Purpose, our Values and Behaviors, our rich History, and the drug discovery process. You might also be interested in learning more about Pfizer’s commitment to our community – globally, locally and internally.
    • Learn about our People: Starting with Charles Pfizer inventing an almond-flavored antiparasite medicine in 1849, our people have always been innovators & trailblazers, committed to finding the next cure.
  • It’s finally here, your first day! Whether you're feeling excited, anxious, or both, we're here to help guide you through acclimating to this new experience. We know you’re looking forward to getting settled into your new role and department, but before you can get started, there’s a few things you’ll need to do:

    • Complete HR transactions & required trainings: Before you can get started, we’ll require you to complete some more paperwork with HR and take part in some trainings that we require as a business.
    • Meet with your Manager: Your Manager is excited for you to join, and understands how important it is to help acclimate you to your new environment. They’re there to support you in any way they can. Meet with your Manager so you can have a conversation and get any additional guidance or resources that you need.
    • Meet your team: Take some time to meet your new team. They will be able to share a lot more about the way that they work and communicate.
  • During these first few days, you’ll learn more about your role, the organization and our systems. The schedule for your actual first week will depend on your role and manager, but you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your new team and become familiar with the people and locations. All of this new information may feel overwhelming -- you are going through a huge transition! That is why your manager and colleagues are there to help you. After all, they were once in your shoes as well, and have their own unique tips and perspectives they can share with you.

    • Learn about your role: You’re settling in and excited to learn more about your job responsibilities, your manager’s expectations, the projects you’ll be working on, and who you’ll be working with. Meet with your manager to discuss role expectations and draft outcomes-focused goals.
    • Learn more about the organization: As you get started, you’ll be learning a lot more about our work, our culture and our purpose blueprint. Be sure to discuss how Pfizer’s values come to life on your team.
    • Get set up on Pfizer systems: There are a several specific systems and technologies that we use at Pfizer. Review any business specific programs, software & applications you may be using with your manager and take the time to get set-up on other tools like Yammer or Team our internal communication & collaboration tools.
    • Give Forward to a cause of your choice: Give Forward is Pfizer’s community engagement initiative that provides colleagues opportunities to create positive change where they live and work, and beyond. It includes all volunteer and matching gifts programs for colleagues in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, as well as global Disaster Match campaigns and skills-based volunteering programs. As a new colleague, you will receive a $50 reward in Your Giving Account to donate to an eligible cause of your choice. Learn more about Give Forward on the internal Pfizer SharePoint site and then navigate the Give Forward web site to view your Giving Account and make your donation within three months of your start date when it expires.
  • During this first month, you will be settling in, learning more about the organization and contributing to your teams goals. Take the time to learn more about the opportunities to get involved in our Colleague Community Engagement Programs, become a Pfizer advocate, build your network and continue your learning. During this first month, you will understand why we consider Pfizer colleagues our greatest asset.

    • Learn more about Pfizer’s Colleague Community Engagement programs: We know that the ability to give back to communities really matters to our people. Pfizer's Colleague Community Engagement portfolio, funded by the Pfizer Foundation, provides resources for Pfizer colleagues to make a direct impact in communities around the world and in local markets where they live and work through donations, matching gifts, volunteer opportunities, and volunteer grants.
    • Become an Advocate: At Pfizer we know that our colleagues are our greatest assets. We’d love you to become active on social media and share your passion for working here or get involved in one our community engagement programs.
    • Build Your Network: At Pfizer we bring together an incredible group of people. Start connecting with them and building your network and relationships.
    • Continue Your Learning: We put learning at the heart of our success. There are many resources available to you, and we’ve invested in technologies to help support your learning and development.
  • Twice a week, we update our Careers Blog with articles focused to help job seekers navigate today's world of work, and provide insight on what it's like to work at Pfizer. You may find these specific articles helpful, as they relate to your onboarding journey: