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Pfizer Owns Innovation

Whatever the disease, our 25,000 clinical researchers are turning advanced science and technologies into the therapies that matter most. Their efforts are one of the greatest human endeavors, impacting millions around the world.

At Pfizer, you can truly make progress happen through your work. You can redefine healthcare — and your own potential — at the same time. That’s because ours is a uniquely collaborative global community. It will see you work, learn, and innovate with the first-class talent around you, and around the world.It’s a collection of people with different ideas, experiences and points of view for you to draw on. With inspiration like that, you’re certain to grow and develop with Pfizer.

How We're Innovating Now

Whether it’s leading the way with gene therapy, using breakthrough science to transform cancer treatment, or developing novel anti-infective therapies, we’re right at the cutting edge. We’re even using ‘molecular glues’ and breaking the rules of biology. That determination to do things differently is powering our pipeline: we currently have 100 compounds in development, and 37 of those are in Phase 3 trials or registration.

New Therapies

We don’t simply have an eye on the future. We’re creating it. New technology is helping us redefine how we approach the R&D process, we’re developing advanced biotherapeutic medicines that can evade detection by the immune system, and our teams are designing and creating molecules that can change the function of a potential target. Different expertise is essential in innovation, as Jennifer Lafontaine explains here.


Working Better Together

Research partnerships, networks and collaborations allow innovation to thrive. We know we can’t do it alone, so we’re working with everyone from the government and academia to some of our biggest biopharma competitors to get our innovations to patients fast. Our Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) bridge academia and industry, and we support independent research and quality improvement initiatives to power our guiding purpose – improving patient outcomes.

A Robust Product Pipeline

We’re addressing unmet needs in areas including Oncology, Inflammation & Immunology, Vaccines, Internal Medicine and Rare Disease. Of the 100 products currently in our pipeline, 35 are in Phase 1, 28 in Phase 2, 26 in Phase 3 and 11 are at registration stage. They range from vaccines to small molecule to biologic, and are designed to treat diseases from streptococcal infections to prostate cancer.

Whatever your scientific field, you’ll find your place and feel your impact on global healthcare with us at Pfizer. Learn more about our US R&D sites in the navigation.