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2023 In Review

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At Pfizer, we are working tirelessly to outdo yesterday by bringing new breakthroughs to patients around the globe in innovative ways. As we do this, it’s important that we take the time to reflect on both our challenges and our achievements. Every March, we share those reflections with the public via our Annual Review and Impact Report.  

In this year’s reports, we look at the numbers behind the breakthroughs and explore the tangible ways that we pushed science forward in service of patients around the world, including our record-breaking number of FDA approvals and our acquisition of Seagen. We dive deeper into the ways we put equity at the forefront, such as expanding our “An Accord for a Healthier World” initiative to help bring medicines and vaccines to over a billion people in lower-income countries. We reflect on the new initiatives that are propelling us into the future, like our AI-powered processes that strive to improve product yield and cycle times to help get medicines in the hands of patients more efficiently, and the steps we’re taking to incorporate sustainability initiatives into our core business.

2023 also saw Pfizer take steps to bolster efforts to outdo cancer, including the acquisition of Seagen, which CEO Albert Bourla discusses in the Annual Review:

“Our recent acquisition of Seagen is a turning point in our oncology story. With Seagen’s leading antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technology and Pfizer’s capabilities and scale, we are confident that we will accelerate breakthroughs in cancer medicines to patients around the world. The combined commercial infrastructure of Pfizer and Seagen is three times the size of Seagen alone in the U.S. Our oncology pipeline doubled in size and is now armed with technologies that can help transform outcomes for patients.

Pfizer has been a leading force in the treatment of cancer for more than two decades. When the world tells the story of how the lives of people with cancer were drastically improved, I believe the role of Pfizer Oncology and our acquisition of Seagen will be a pivotal chapter.”

2023 was another eventful year in a history that spans nearly two centuries as we strive for breakthroughs in healthcare and science. The past 175 years of Pfizer innovation are just the bedrock for our bright future, but by looking back, we are better able to learn from our successes and our failures—and grow from them.

Bourla says it best: “I believe Pfizer is well-positioned for consistent sustainable growth potential going forward. We have the right products, the right people, and the right plan for great success in 2024 and beyond.”

Read on to learn more about Pfizer’s 2023, and our plans for 2024 and beyond, in our 2023 Annual Review ( and our 2023 Impact Report (

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