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July Social Media Round-Up—Rocky Mount Update, Rady Johnson Honored, and Vaccine Progress

Rady Johnson at the 2023 disability:in conference

On July 20, a tornado touched down in North Carolina, injuring 16 people and damaging a Pfizer plant in Rocky Mount, one of the largest manufacturers of sterile injectable drugs in the world. This month’s social media round-up kicks off with a statement from CEO Albert Bourla about the tornado and its impact on Pfizer.

In other news, we also announced a new partnership in drug discovery, helped our summer workers settle in, and saw positive results in vaccine development. Catch up below.


CEO Albert Bourla addresses the impact of the tornado that damaged our Rocky Mount facility:

Chief Development Officer William Pao shares video from a recent Fireside Chat about patient engagement in clinical trials that included 180+ patient advocates:

CEO Albert Bourla discusses Pfizer’s progress developing maternal vaccine for Group B streptococcus:

Chief Compliance, Quality and Risk Officer Rady Johnson is named 2023 Executive Sponsor of the Year by Disability:IN:

CEO Albert Bourla spotlights a discussion with Pfizer’s 2023 Summer Growth Experience interns:

Chief Business Innovation Officer Aamir Malik highlights FDA approval of Pfizer’s treatment for pediatric growth hormone deficiency:


The Wall Street Journal on tornado damage to Pfizer site in Rocky Mount:

Reuters on Pfizer and Flagship Pioneering partnership for $100m investment for drug discovery:

CNBC on positive results of Group B streptococcus vaccine trials:

University of Oxford on positive results of combination use of Pfizer-BioNTech and Novavax COVID-19 vaccines:

TRT World Now on Pfizer’s manufacturing partnership with Samsung Biologics:

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