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Listen Now: Award-Winning ‘Science Will Win’ Podcast Explores Antimicrobial Resistance

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This week, season three of Pfizer’s signature Science Will Win podcast—which debuted as one of the top 1% podcasts globally—returns with a look at antimicrobial resistance (AMR), one of healthcare’s greatest threats, and the innovative ways doctors and scientists are leveraging emerging technology to fight it.

The ambitious new season follows last year’s award-winning foray into the latest advancements in cancer treatment. In last season’s episodes, host Adam Rutherford and a variety of guests discussed breast cancer and the challenges inherent in developing new approaches to cancer care, and how clinical trials are helping shape new, groundbreaking therapies.

Launching today, Science Will Win tackles another huge topic: the growing public health threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and the exciting new AI tools we’re using to combat it.

Host Jeremiah Owyang, an entrepreneur, investor, and tech industry analyst, will introduce listeners to AMR and how superbugs are able to evade medicine’s traditional defenses. Bacteria are evolving past modern medicine, but the emerging technology of Artificial Intelligence is helping even the playing field.

Artificial Intelligence is helping science move quicker than ever before—enabling us to break down data faster, work more efficiently, and discover new ways to attack these deadly bacteria.

Throughout the season’s four episodes, Jeremiah will chat with researchers, doctors, patients, patient advocates, computer scientists, and AI experts to help explain what’s at stake, the tools we’re using, and how it’s going.

As Jeremiah explains this season, “Bacteria are smart—but humanity is smarter.”

Watch the trailer below, and tune in to the new season today, on your favorite podcast app.

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