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Listen Now—Science Will Win Season 2 Takes on Breast Cancer


Science Will Win, one of Pfizer’s premiere podcasts, is back! This season we’ll explore the advancements and the challenges of cancer treatments, particularly in the breast cancer space. In this special two-part series, we’re looking at how the increasingly innovative medications used to treat cancer come to be.

Part one: Breast Cancer: The Science, The Challenges, The Solutions 

Get a better sense of what breast cancer is and dive into some of the early-stage research underway to find new potential therapies.

Part two: Clinical Trials: Bringing Research to Life

We’ll break down a vital piece of how breast cancer treatments come to be: clinical trials. Learn how clinical trials work, how researchers determine that potential new medications are safe and effective, how participants enroll in trials, and why all this work is so important.

Hosted by Adam Rutherford—geneticist, writer, broadcaster and lecturer at University College London—Science Will Win features insights from doctors, researchers, advocates, and patients. Get an inside look at some of the new potential approaches being researched. It’s a groundbreaking time for cancer research, with as many promising possibilities as there are challenges to overcome.

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