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Meet The People Of PGS: Maritza

Through the “People of PGS” series, we continue to spotlight the names and faces behind the great work we do in PGS. Next up is Maritza, a Warehouse Inspector in Toluca, who is one of the only people at the site who operates specialized forklift equipment.

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After 16 years at Pfizer, Maritza is just as happy to come to work as she was on her first day.

“I have had other great jobs prior to joining this company, but to me, Pfizer is the best place to demonstrate your skills and abilities that you have acquired along your job path,” she says. “It is a place where we can develop, and a place where we all have the same opportunities to grow as people.”

As Warehouse reviewer, Maritza’s main responsibility is to organize completed boxes of product in the Full Box Picking (FBP) area using forklift equipment, restocking the Single Item Picking (SIP) area, taking inventory and organizing medical samples that are given to physicians, among other tasks – always complying with Pfizer’s high quality standards, while working safely and efficiently.

“The easiest way to describe my job is that I am part of the supply chain,” she says. “My team helps with the storage and distribution of the product, maintaining the standards required to reach patients in a timely manner.”

There are certain skills and regular trainings required to operate the various equipment Maritza uses – from the order picker, to the electric skate, to the counterbalance and the double reach. Maritza says it takes time and practice to operate the equipment correctly, and that the annual refresher course she takes each year helps keep her skills sharp.

When asked what she likes most about her job, she described the connection to patients.

“It's simple. The most important thing is the people – the patients who have confidence in our products. That’s why we always commit ourselves to quality,” she says. “I know that what I’m doing is for the welfare of other people…so that they can have a better quality of life.”

Thank you, Maritza, for your commitment and your excellence! #PGSProud

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