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Patient-Friendly Health Literacy Resources for Cancer Patients and Caregivers

Patient reading resources on tablet

Being diagnosed with cancer can be overwhelming for anyone due to the emotional impact, level of uncertainty, and potential lifestyle changes. The challenges of accessing and understanding medical information introduce additional layers of complexity when patients navigate their care. Disparities and inequities can further restrict an individual’s capacity to develop the skills they need to look after their health.

It is not enough for Pfizer to simply develop breakthrough medicines. We must help patients understand cancer, and cancer care, to impact as many people as possible. Proficiency in health literacy is vital to improving patient outcomes.

To address this, Pfizer Oncology co-created a range of materials on This is Living with Cancer aimed at helping individuals understand the scientific landscape. These resources serve as a guide and can be used for patients, caregivers, or anyone needing some extra help on their journey. I’m proud of these resources we’ve developed for patients, and I hope individuals will utilize them, so they feel empowered to make decisions related to their care.

While these resources are just a step towards improving health literacy, I know how imperative it is that we continue to provide accessible information that elevates the patient voice and addresses key barriers to cancer care. Pfizer is committed to continuing to make actionable change so patients around the world can obtain, understand, and implement medical information to help them achieve the best possible outcomes. Check out this video to learn more about Pfizer Oncology’s dedication to addressing health literacy:

Learn how breaking down barriers related to language, limited resources, age, and where patients live can help them make informed decisions about their cancer care.

By Dany Habr

Oncology Chief Medical Affairs Officer, Pfizer

Dany Habr is Senior Vice President and Oncology Chief Medical Affairs Officer at Pfizer, overseeing the oncology portfolio and medical organization. He has co-authored 43 manuscripts and more than 80 abstracts in the fields of hematology-oncology and health equity and has presented at major medical conferences across the globe.

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