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Pfizer Goes Live in SXSW’s Podcast Lounge

Scientific Storytelling SXSW

For more than a quarter of a century, SXSW has been a must-do event on the calendars of consumers, celebrities, and cognoscenti. Part conference, part festival, it’s where people gather to learn about the latest trends in tech, media, and entertainment.

Over the years, our leadership has showcased the latest scientific breakthroughs and shared our unique perspectives on the present – and future – of healthcare to the event’s thousands of attendees.

This year, we hosted a takeover of SXSW’s Podcast Lounge for a trio of provocative conversations, recorded in front of a live audience. We delved into the podcast boom with content leaders from Livestrong Foundation and NASA, learned about the impact of AI on cancer research, and connected with former NFL player Devon Still about his daughter’s battle with cancer and our shared goal of eradicating the disease.

During our sessions, it was clear that people are interested in the expertise and thought leadership we offered, and now we’re excited to share those discussions with you. Download and subscribe below or wherever you get your podcasts.

Live From SXSW: Scientific Storytelling – The Audio Advantage

Podcasting has exploded in the last 5 years, with every celebrity, brand, and influencer investing in audio. It’s estimated that 144MM people in the U.S. listen to a podcast monthly. With scale and an ability to build audience connections, podcasts are effective at communicating complex information in a digestible way–making them perfect for sharing science-based stories. Many have heard the term "gene therapy, " but how many know what it means? How do the latest innovations in cancer care affect patients and their caregivers? How do you explain the science behind artificial intelligence or designing the Mars Rover? Audio allows us to do this, while enhancing the impact of science communications. Join the Pfizer Podcast team, NASA, University of Texas and Wonder Media Network as they share their accessible approach to scientific storytelling.

Live From SXSW: The Future of Cancer

In a live taping of the Science Will Win podcast, Host and Artificial Intelligence Expert Jeremiah Owyang will speak to cutting-edge healthcare leaders about the impact that AI is having on the future of cancer. Thirty years ago, the thought of a world without cancer was nothing more than a dream. Similarly, AI was considered a technology that had yet to become reality. Today, we are reimagining a future where the AI revolution will help change the trajectory of cancer as we know it.

Live from SXSW: Moonshot Culture: Innovating to Outdo Yesterday

Throughout history, humans have coalesced around moonshot culture to achieve audacious goals—from the eradication of smallpox, to sequencing the human genome, to landing a spacecraft on Mars. These feats of human ingenuity didn’t happen in a vacuum, they were born from intentional innovation, a “coalition of the willing,” and a vision to outdo yesterday.

In a fireside chat with Drew Panayiotou, Chief Marketing Officer, Pfizer and Devon Still, ex-NFL player and founder of Still Strong Foundation, we’ll explore what it will take to achieve the next big moonshot—tackling cancer and changing a billion lives.

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