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Pfizer Kicks Off 175th Anniversary by Looking Back at Legacy and Ahead to the Future

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Way back in 1849, Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart started the company we know today as Pfizer, and ever since, we’ve been at the forefront of some of the most profound changes in medicine and technology. For 175 years, we have had an extraordinary impact on global health.

But in many ways, we’re just getting started. Throughout 2024, we will celebrate and appreciate everything that we have accomplished while we move forward with confidence that the best is yet to come. Together, we will outdo yesterday.

For nearly two centuries, the work that Pfizer has done has had major impact, not just in healthcare and science, but in the everyday lives of millions of people around the globe. This year, we are excited to press forward with a renewed focus on oncology and our ongoing dedication to finding new treatments and medications for myriad other diseases and conditions.

As we continue this essential work, we’ll also be taking a look back at the extraordinary ways our scientists, researchers, and nearly 80,000 employees have contributed to developing and distributing more than 300 Pfizer medicines out in the world today. Together, we continue to deliver breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.

To launch the commemoration of our historic 175th anniversary, we’re proud to present a behind-the-scenes feature on the legacy of science, highlighting those pioneers in the field without which our work would not be possible. We know that scientific innovation exists on a continuum, that everything that has come before is but a building block for future advancements, and we are proud to stand on the shoulders of giants and continue our scientific mission in that same spirit of curiosity and exploration.

Our recent acquisition of Seagen and the relentless work of our oncology division aimed at reimagining the future of cancer treatment. Cancer remains the leading cause of death around the world, and one in three people in the United States will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. As we celebrate the 175th anniversary of Pfizer’s founding, we are more dedicated than ever to helping find ways to slow down and stop this disease.

This effort is highlighted in our new ad during Sunday’s big NFL broadcast. Seen by the millions of people watching one of the biggest television events of the year, the ad spotlights pioneers from the past and launches our Let’s Outdo Cancer website, where you can learn more about Pfizer’s efforts to outdo cancer and improve the quality of patients’ lives by making cancer a thing of the past. All year long we will be sharing more about our mission and our milestones, and sharing the extraordinary history of Pfizer via articles, interactive features, and different perspectives from our proud leadership.

Without acknowledgment of our history, there would be no progress to build on, no innovation to outdo. As we enter 2024, thanks to two centuries of tireless exploration and discovery, there is much more to come, and the future is more exciting than ever. We aim to outdo cancer, to “Outdo Yesterday,” and to bring the next generation of breakthroughs to patients--for the next 175 years and beyond.

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