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Statement on ATMI Ranking

The Access to Medicine Foundation has ranked Pfizer among the top 5 pharmaceuticals in the 2021 Access to Medicine Index (ATMI). Pfizer moved up in the index from 11th to 4th place out of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies globally, representing the greatest increase in the ranking among the companies since the last report in 2018.

The report, which takes a broad assessment of efforts to improve access to medicines in low- and middle-income countries from June 2018 through June 2020, assesses Pfizer’s performance in three technical areas. The Company is ranked among the top five pharmaceutical companies for Product Delivery (3rd) and Governance of Access (5th), and ranked 7th in Research & Development, performing above industry average. The report highlights Pfizer’s integration of its access to medicines strategy into its overall corporate strategy, evidence of a diversity of access strategies in place for the majority of in scope medicines and vaccines, access planning during Research & Development, and the Company’s willingness to share intellectual property assets with third party researchers.

“The 2021 ATMI ranking underscores Pfizer’s continued commitment to access and equity in healthcare,” said Dr. Albert Bourla, Chairman and CEO. “This recognition inspires and motivates us to stay laser-focused on both developing medical breakthroughs and ensuring that they are accessible to the greatest number possible of patients around the world.”

The full report, published by the Access to Medicine Foundation, is available here: