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Meet the People of PGS: Daniela

Through the “People of PGS” series, we spotlight the names and faces behind the great work we do in PGS.  Next up is Daniela, a PGS colleague who recently completed a one-year assignment as part of the CEO Action for Racial Equity Fellowship Program. 

Most people would consider Daniela an expert in Supply Chain, thanks to her 16-year career working across the pharmaceutical industry, including five years at Pfizer. But when a unique career opportunity presented itself, Daniela had the courage to change things up. 

That opportunity was the CEO Action for Racial Equity Fellowship Program, whose mission is to identify, develop and promote scalable and sustainable public policies and corporate engagement strategies that advance racial equity, address social injustice and improve societal well-being. Daniela just completed her year-long assignment representing Pfizer in the program. 

picture of daniela vernille

“My role focused specifically on the issue of food equity. The pace at which we worked was incredibly fast due to the political landscape and the changes in U.S. administration,” Daniela said. “We met with business partners, experts on the subject of racial equity and legislators. In addition, we had regular courageous conversations, weekly learning sessions on racial equity and town halls.” 

Daniela says that the Fellowship aligned with her passion for serving, leading and uplifting others. One might wonder how a colleague without a background in policy, political science, diplomacy or advocacy was able to take on such a challenge – but Daniela says it’s about much more than skills and work experience. 

“I’ve learned that if you believe in yourself, you can make amazing pivots in your career,” Daniela said. “In this Fellowship, I used my head every day to learn new things and work outside my comfort zone; I used my heart every moment to stay present and connected to the mission of the Fellowship; and I counted on my courage to not doubt myself, but instead believe in what I was capable of achieving, even though I wasn’t an expert.” 

Daniela has now transitioned to a new role as Supply Chain Director, Emerging Markets, where she will coordinate Emerging Market Supply Chain initiatives, including those related to Equity and access for people in low- and middle-income countries. Daniela will apply what she learned at the Fellowship to her new role, and she is as passionate as ever about bringing real change. 

“There is absolutely no doubt that the ongoing work against racism is one that will change patients’ lives,” Daniela said. “I’m grateful that I can play a small role in driving change in the lives of people who have suffered the injustices of systemic racism for too long.” 

Thank you, Daniela, for your incredible work to advance Pfizer’s Value of Equity. 

To learn more about the CEO Action for Racial Equity Fellowship, please visit: