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Meet The People Of PGS: Craig

Through the “People of PGS” series, we continue to spotlight the names and faces behind the great work we do in PGS. Next up is Craig, an Engineering & Maintenance Manager in Sanford, who is also a veteran of the U.S. Navy and an advocate for military veterans reentering the workforce.

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Over the course of his 20-year career at Pfizer, Craig has spent most of his time in manufacturing roles; that is until 2016, when he took on a developmental challenge – to bring his manufacturing expertise to maintenance so that the two organizations could partner more closely.

“I manage the maintenance and upkeep of the facility, buildings and equipment that enable us to deliver the breakthroughs that change patients’ lives,” Craig explained. “This can involve many things, from managing equipment issues to working on improvement ideas that increase efficiencies across our 230-acre site.”

For Craig, working at Pfizer is much more than doing his job and then going home each day. He is an active and involved colleague who manages the site’s apprenticeship program and is a founding member of the site’s Veterans in Pfizer (VIP) chapter. Over the years, Craig has been instrumental in engaging Sanford’s colleague veterans, military family members and active duty/reservists. As a U.S. Navy veteran himself, he understands how a military background lends itself well to a successful career in manufacturing.

I feel that most military members are perfect fits for our industry,” Craig said. “They have the desired skills and backgrounds that can easily transfer over to what we do every day at Pfizer.”

Most recently, Craig led a program at the Sanford site to help transitioning active military members find their new work home. Toward the end of their service, these men and women have “apprenticeship” opportunities at various companies to find what kind of work suits their talents and passions. Craig has partnered with local military organizations to bring several people to Sanford, and several of them are now Pfizer colleagues.

It feels good to help fellow veterans transition to civilian life and get a great job after their service,” Craig said.

Thank you, Craig, for demonstrating kindness, generosity and Excellence in all you do! #PGSProud

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