It wasn’t that long ago that a diagnosis of polio was considered a death sentence. Thanks to the work of pioneering researchers, polio and other diseases like diphtheria, measles, mumps, and rubella are now preventable through vaccinations.

Bill Gruber works for a global team at Pfizer charged with vaccine clinical research and development. His passion for his work came when he lost a young patient to meningitis.

“There has got to be a better way,” he thought.

Now, he’s a part of a team that has developed a vaccine for the prevention of the disease.

While vaccines are the single most important medical instrument to protect public health, the development cycle isn’t easy…or quick. It can take 10-12 years to create a vaccine, using the resources of 1,600 scientists. 

Hear from Bill Gruber about the impact that vaccines have had and that we can have in terms of protecting lives.