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The American health system is inefficient, fragmented and governed by outdated insurance.

Today we have an opportunity to start mending our broken system by working together. We need to start talking about how we prioritize and properly invest in healthcare. Our entire health system must be committed and the patient voice must be heard.

The best way to cut health costs from diseases is to prevent or eliminate them with breakthrough medicines and innovation in science and technology.

American leadership in science and medical innovation can provide hope, but our leaders in government must act. Here is a plan that provides reform and investment in health innovation:

  • Prioritize funding for the National Institute for Health to advance a strategic plan and basic science research for Cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and precision medicine.
  • Properly fund the Food and Drug Administration to attract top talent and adopt tools that improve scientific decision making.
  • Establish an insurance system that people want to enroll in, with predictable and affordable coverage for modern medicines, and encourages the use of preventive care.
  • Establish a reimbursement environment that supports payment for health outcomes.
  • Conduct a review of regulations that pose a barrier to innovation and modernize the FDA’s regulatory approach to allow patients, physicians and health plans to have access to the latest and best information available that is scientifically credible.
  • Encourage private sector leadership and collaboration to find new solutions through healthcare information technology.
  • Preserve the American tradition of rewarding and encouraging innovators for new discoveries with strong protection of intellectual property.
  • Offer adequate risk adjustment to health insurance plans and providers taking on risk, and financial incentives for investing in prevention and high value care.
  • Encourage innovative companies keep America as the center of healthcare research through a tax system that is competitive with other industrialized countries.

To effectively defeat Cancer, Alzheimer's disease and other crippling conditions, your voice is needed to move forward a system stuck in the past into the 21st Century.

Join the cause of American medical innovation and let our leaders know you are Ready for Cures.