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5 Fascinating Science Stories You May Have Missed While You Were Busy With Everything Else

Scientific research is constantly evolving and transforming medicine as we know it, making it hard to keep up with all the latest and greatest breakthroughs and innovations.

Never fear, there’s a solution for science FOMO—Pfizer’s Get Science, the website that gives a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most disruptive and innovative sciences happening at our research sites, as well as the people who are making it happen. Also featured on the site are stories focused on explaining complex biology, diseases, and cutting-edge trends that are significant to the entire scientific community.

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The possibility of finding a treatment or even a cure for genetic disorders such as muscular dystrophy or hemophilia has taken a giant leap forward in recent years with the advent of gene therapy as a way to modify a defective gene or group of genes. But would those changes be handed down to that person’s offspring?

By finding ways to restore sleep rhythms, researchers may be able to benefit Alzheimer’s patients and others.

One of Mom’s Many Gifts to Her Baby: Maternal Vaccination

With maternal vaccination, mothers may be able to pass life-saving antibodies onto their newborns.

The latest category of this powerful tool is what’s called a cryo-electron microscope, and its groundbreaking properties are revolutionizing the way scientists are imaging the smallest of structures — especially in the life sciences.

New insights into the immune system are driving a recent resurgence in investigating vaccines to fight cancer tumors.

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