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The @pfizer handle wasn’t available when Pfizer first joined Twitter in 2009.  We didn’t want to delay our entry into social media, so we decided to choose an alternate handle for our launch: @pfizer_news.  While we’ve used the channel primarily for tweeting press releases, @pfizer_news has always been more than just media information; it has served as our primary, official presence on Twitter.

However, now we have acquired @pfizer, and have been pondering how we best leverage this name.  Many of you already write @pfizer in your mentions and messages (even before we had the name), so it feels right to swap in @pfizer to replace @pfizer_news as the new name of our primary feed.  In other words, our content won’t be changing – our Twitter handle will just more accurately reflect the scope of what we’re sharing.


What this means for you

If your intent is to follow Pfizer’s primary Twitter feed, then you don’t need to do anything: this update was automatic. You will continue to see updates from Pfizer on a variety of topics, from public policy to press releases.

However, if you only want to see Pfizer’s news releases, know that we are re-launching @pfizer_news as a streamlined feed that will feature only our press releases.  Since you are now following @pfizer, be sure to follow @pfizer_news if you prefer to get this focused source of information.