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The @pfizer handle wasn’t available when Pfizer first joined Twitter in 2009. We didn’t want to delay our entry into social media, so we decided to choose an alternate handle for our launch: @pfizer_news. While we’ve tweeted press releases more often than not, @pfizer_news has always been more than just media information, serving as our primary, official presence on Twitter.

Now we have acquired @pfizer, and we've been pondering how to best leverage this name. You found @pfizer and began following us while we were putting our plan together.

Because @pfizer_news had been our official, primary Twitter feed, we decided to swap in the handle @pfizer to more accurately reflect that channel’s role. The name @pfizer_news will live on as a feed dedicated exclusively to our press releases, providing a streamlined source of media information.


What this means for you

With the @pfizer and @pfizer_news handles swapped, starting now you will see only Pfizer press releases in the @pfizer_news feed. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to migrate our followers over to the new location for @pfizer. If you’d still like to see updates from Pfizer on a variety of topics, you need to follow @pfizer once more. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If your intent is to only receive tweets about Pfizer’s press releases, then you don’t need to do anything: those updates will begin soon.

Thank you for bearing with us as we make this change.