Process, analytical, formulation, delivery and biomanufacturing-enabling technologies

Gene therapy manufacturing technologies

Systems and Synthetic Biology

  • Technologies to design and influence product quality
  • Automated methods for mammalian cell line screening, selection and scale up
  • Next generation cell culture process technologies and purification process technologies, including harvesting (smart polymer automation)
  • High throughput analytics for product quality attributes
  • Advanced analytics for glycoconjugates
  • Flexible and adaptive manufacturing technologies for biotherapeutics

We are interested to ensure commercial and clinical differentiation of products by accessing leading drug delivery technologies.

Specific areas of interest include:

  • Tissue specific delivery; nanoparticle technology
  • Alternative routes of delivery (transdermal, transmucosal)
  • Analytics (biophysics) to predict stability and ease of development
  • Advanced formulations (high dose delivery, convenient dose administration)
  • Innovative injectors including large volume bolus injectors, and compliance and adherence supporting systems