Pfizer Partnerships


Partnering at Pfizer

We seek strong, long-term relationships that offer a shared vision.

Pfizer Partnerships

Understanding that to accelerate innovation we can’t work alone, we collaborate with patients groups, industry, researchers and others to reach our goals.

Introducing "Pfizer Partnerships:" a series of videos in which we highlight our partners and the great work we can achieve and are achieving together.

Stay tuned for more videos in this series, and be sure to explore the "Partnering" section of our site for more information on how we innovate through collaboration.


Bringing the Best Minds Together

Our scientific minds are the keys to advancing the next-generation science and improving health. When we bring these minds together with the best minds in other organizations, we have something incredibly powerful.


Pfizer Partnerships: Data Collaborations

Data is one of the most powerful scientific assets we have.By collaborating and sharing our data through partnerships with Datasphere, a data sharing platform, and Lung-MAP, a clinical trial that uses a multi-drug, targeted screening method, we hope to bring forward potential solutions quicker than we could alone.