Darrin M Beaupre MD, PhD

Senior Vice President, Head of Early Oncology Development and Clinical Research
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I joined Pfizer in 2017 and am a Senior Vice President in the Pfizer Early Oncology Research and Development Group. I focus on clinical development of early oncology assets. Prior to joining Pfizer, I was the Head of Early Development and Immunotherapy at Pharmacyclics (an Abbvie company). I was the clinical lead for the first Ibrutinib FDA approval in mantle cell lymphoma that was associated with a New England Journal of Medicine publication. I also led the Ibrutinib clinical team responsible for the first approved therapy in marginal zone lymphoma. As a faculty member of the Moffitt Cancer Center, I was the recipient of a Hollis Brownstein Research Grant and was recognized as a “Scientist to Watch” by the Leukemia Research Foundation. I also received multiple Clinical Scholars in Oncology Awards from the National Cancer Institute.


My group (Early Oncology Development and Clinical Research-EODCR) is responsible for the early clinical development portfolio here at Pfizer. It consists of leaders from clinical development, clinical pharmacology, translational oncology, and other supportive areas. Our responsibility is to work closely with our discovery research and late development colleagues to transition our molecules from discovery to pivotal trial testing. In early development our responsibilities include performing first in human clinical trials with the goal of determining the safety profile and early efficacy signals of our novel molecules. Along with this, understanding the appropriate dose and schedule, indications to pursue, and combination partners to test are key deliverables from our group. In addition, a large focus on translational medicine is pursued in EODCR. Understanding pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, resistance mechanisms, and subject selection strategies associated with our molecules is of paramount importance. The high functioning scientists and physicians as well as supporting staff that make up this group allow us to achieve these goals on a daily basis.


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University of Lowell, Biological Sciences, B.S., 1990
University of Lowell, Biological Sciences, M.S., 1990
University of Texas M.D., Anderson Cancer Center, Cancer Biology, Ph.D., 1997
University of Texas, Medicine, M.D., 1997


Recipient of the Hollis Brownstein Research Grant
Recognized as a “Scientist to Watch” by the Leukemia Research Foundation
Received multiple Clinical Scholars in Oncology Awards from the National Cancer Institute

I joined Pfizer due to the depth and promise of the Pfizer oncology early development portfolio. Pfizer is committed to leadership and excellence in the oncology space, which make innovative science and medicine a reality in our day to day activities.