Nicholas A Saccomano, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer-SVP, Pfizer Boulder Research and Development

I currently serve as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and site head of the Pfizer Boulder Research & Development facility. Prior to the acquisition of Array BioPharma, Inc. by Pfizer in August of 2019, I served as the CSO of Array since May 2014. I am a seasoned leader with 35 years of experience in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research and development, with expertise in discovery research, clinical development, portfolio strategy, technology and clinical candidate licensing, and scientific partnering. Prior to Array, I served as Chief Technology Officer at SomaLogic, Inc. and as Chief Scientific Officer at Bend Research Inc.

I began my career at Pfizer and held positions of increasing responsibility, including Senior Vice President in the R&D organization. As SVP I managed and developed global core technology functions used broadly across the drug R&D pipeline, served as site head for the Pfizer Cambridge site and managed Pfizer’s external research network and Strategic Alliances. Also during my time at Pfizer, I ran the CNS discovery chemistry organization which brought more than 25 molecules to the clinic and three molecules to the market. I obtained my Ph.D. in chemistry from Columbia University under the direction of Professor Gilbert Stork.


My team in Boulder is primarily focused on the discovery and development of targeted small molecule drugs that have the potential to treat patients afflicted by cancer. With our track record in drugging RAS/RAF/MEK signaling, which is central to many types of cancer, I believe we can help deliver the next wave of breakthrough cancer treatments and combinations.


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State University of New York College at Buffalo, Chemistry, B.S., 1980
Columbia University, Organic Chemistry, Ph.D., 1984


Central Research Achievement Award
Helped establish the Terri Bordeur Breast Cancer Foundation, 2006
Chair of Terri Bordeur Breast Cancer Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board, Present

I am proud to be part of a team at Pfizer that continues to invest in and translate groundbreaking science into potential treatments that could transform the lives of patients living with difficult-to-treat cancers.