Michael Binks, MD

Vice President of Clinical Research
  • Group: Rare Disease Research Unit
  • Location: Cambridge, MA

I joined Pfizer in 2014 to lead Clinical Research within the Rare Diseases Research Unit. I am currently the research project leader for the DMD gene therapy program.

I qualified in medicine at University College London (UCL), UK before training in internal medicine, gastroenterology, neurology, respiratory and emergency medicine and rheumatology.

I am UK accredited Rheumatologist. My scientific interests have been in immunology and immunopharmacology.

I served as a Lecturer in Immunology and as an Arthritis Research Council and Jules Thorn Clinical Fellow at UCL, conducting research on antigen presentation and dendritic cell biology including the rare diseases Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome and scleroderma.

I joined the pharmaceutical industry in immune-inflammation discovery biology, translational and experimental medicine and clinical pharmacology and have progressed programs from discovery to the clinic to POC.

I am the author of over 40 peer reviewed publications and 1 patent.


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    Journal of Nueromuscular Disease, https://dx.doi.org/10.3233%2FJND-180357
    Annemieke Aartsma-Rus J, Pallavi L, Hendrik N, Owens J, Binks M, Marisol M, Rahul Phadke N, Van
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