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This product information is intended only for residents of the United States.

Pharmacists can take an active role in preventing counterfeit drugs by ensuring that they source products only from a reputable wholesaler or distributor.

Use the search tool below to find PDs of our pharmaceutical products in the US and Puerto Rico.

Pfizer Puerto Rico Wholesalers

Pfizer's terms of sale and trade policies are designed to help prevent the introduction of counterfeit products. To be designated a Pfizer distributor (PD) a wholesaler must, in addition to other business requirements, agree to the following:

  1. Pfizer wholesale customers and specialty distributors may only purchase Pfizer Pharmaceutical products directly from Pfizer or in the event of a supply shortage, another Pfizer distributor.

  2. Pfizer may revoke Pfizer distributor status at any time. Pfizer pharmaceutical products may only be sold to providers operating within the United States (and it’s Territories) who are appropriately licensed by states/territories in which they dispense or distribute product or other Pfizer distributors and in Puerto Rico DACO priced product may only be sold to other Puerto Rico Pfizer distributors or providers operating within Puerto Rico who are appropriately licensed by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in which they dispense product.
  3. Each Pfizer distributor must have a comprehensive program to ensure compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, and to assess all offers prior to purchase using a defined procedure that helps identify suspect product and suspicious orders.

    Pfizer has the right to audit or request information on all purchases and sales of Pfizer Pharmaceutical products at any time and to audit processes used to purchase product from other Pfizer distributors.

  4. Pfizer  distributors must maintain their wholesale distributor license in good standing in each state/territory where it has operations.

Our wholesalers share our commitment to patient safety. You can best serve your patients by purchasing Pfizer pharmaceutical products only from Pfizer wholesalers and specialty distributors.

AmeriSourceBergen Company
JM Blanco Inc Lote 21 Amelia Industrial Park, Calle Diana Guaynabo Puerto Rico 00968
Cardinal Health Inc
Cardinal Health PR 120 Inc Carretera 165 Km 2.4, Edificio 10 Guaynabo Puerto Rico 00965
Cesar Castillo Inc
Cesar Castillo Inc Carretera 1 Km 21.1, La Muda Guaynabo Puerto Rico 00971
DROGUERIA BETANCES INC Ave Luis Munoz Marin BO Tomas De Castro Caguas Puerto Rico 00725
Drugs Unlimited Inc Calle San Ignacio 1366, Urb Altamesa bo Monacillos
San Juan Puerto Rico 00921
Rimaco Inc Marginal Buchanan, Ext Villa Capara Guaynabo Puerto Rico 00966
VP Wholesaler Inc*

VP Wholesaler Inc*

This Headquarter is authorized to sell the following products:
Pfizer Injectables
See website for list of products

VP Wholesaler Inc H-18 Ave Jose Villares Caguas Urb Condado Veijo Caguas Puerto Rico 00725

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