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Sharps Disposal

The safe disposal of unused medicines includes sharps. Sharps are medical implements such as needles, syringes, injection devices, and lancets. Disposing of sharps the wrong way can cause needle stick and injury that may result in the transmission of disease. In many countries, and in some states in the United States, used sharps are considered biohazard waste and must be handled and thrown out separately from the household trash.

In particular, we aim to:
  • Provide the framework for how to manage a wide range of sharps according to local disposal regulations
Notable actions we undertake in managing sharps disposal include:
  • Providing one-on-one information to all self-injecting patients for all of our self-injected products in the United States
  • Providing information to patients to help them understand how to safely dispose of their injection devices, and the state and local requirements for sharps disposal in the United States
  • Providing patients with multiple options to get sharps disposal questions answered, and get assistance in finding a local disposal option
  • Innovating by offering safer injection devices and reducing the number of sharps needed to administer our medicines
  • Supporting the Coalition for Safe Community Needle Disposal and its efforts to ensure patients can find the latest information on local, regional, and state sharps disposal programs