Terms of Access to Pfizer's Safety Data Sheets for its Products

Pfizer develops Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for our products to help our employer customers' occupational health and safety specialists assure workplace safety and comply with applicable laws. We prepare, maintain, and provide the SDSs pursuant to applicable laws based on available information. To the best of our knowledge, the information provided here is accurate as of the date shown on the SDSs. Please refer to this website for the most current version of the SDSs. SDSs are not intended to be used by Pfizer's patients as a replacement for or as a complement to prescribing information (such as package inserts) or the advice of a healthcare professional. Please note that the information contained in the SDSs is provided without warranty or guarantee of any kind, whether expressed, implied, or statutory, including without limitation any and all warranties of merchantability, fitness for particular purpose, or non-infringement, subject to the requirements of applicable law. Pfizer provides this website as a service to our customers and the public.

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