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Infectious Diseases Institute

Infectious Diseases Institute

Health Challenge: Health systems throughout Africa are being challenged not only by the HIV pandemic but by tuberculosis, malaria and related infectious diseases. It is critical that effective models of care be developed and replicated to enable health institutions to meet the critical needs of patients in their communities.

Program Goal: To build capacity of health systems in Africa to deliver sustainable, high-quality care and prevention of HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, and related infectious diseases through training, research and advanced clinical services.

Pfizer's Commitment: Support for a major medical training and research center headquartered within Uganda's Makerere University to improve health in Africa by training medical professionals and providing them with skills and resources to use in their communities.

Successes (as of September 2011):

  • Trained over 6,500 healthcare workers from 27 African countries since 2004. IDI-trained workers indicate they have trained, on average, 20 additional healthcare workers per month
  • Providing quality care and treatment to over 31,154 patients
  • Award-winning laboratory, one of very few College of American Pathologists accredited research facilities in Africa, enables the Institute to conduct the majority of its research projects on site
  • 111 research publications, 147 abstracts and 15 research projects under way, all aimed at improving regional healthcare policy and practice and developing new generation of independent African researchers
  • Building research capacity in Africa by pairing promising new investigators with established researchers from North America and Europe, and through mentoring arrangements and fellowships

Founding Partners: Accordia Global Health Foundation, Makerere University, the Infectious Diseases Society of America and Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa, centered in Uganda

Date: 2001

" of the leading regional HIV/AIDs training, research, and infectious diseases clinics on the continent... developing models of care that are widely applicable throughout Africa."
— Ambassador Eric Goosby, United States Global AIDS Coordinator in testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — June 9, 2009

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