Pfizer New Haven Clinical Research Unit

The Pfizer Clinical Research Unit (CRU) in New Haven, CT is a state-of-the-art research facility with fifty inpatient beds. The CRU is designed to provide comprehensive clinical care and monitoring of our clinical trial volunteers during their stay at the Unit. The CRU is highly computerized, using an electronic data capture and reporting system. It also houses sophisticated laboratories, including a biomarker lab and a research pharmacy. The Unit is complete with a cafeteria that serves meals and snacks according to the study directions. During their stay at the CRU, our volunteers have access to certain amenities such as internet, televisions, game room and more. Pfizer’s CRUs are staffed by doctors and other health care professionals who maintain close ties with nearby hospitals to advance scientific knowledge and share best practices.

The development of new medicines involves many stages and begins with several years of testing in a research laboratory. Phase 1 clinical research studies mark the first time an investigational drug is administered to humans. In these studies, different doses of potential new medicines are given to a small number of study participants so that researchers can measure the body’s response. Study volunteers may stay in the unit for a number of days so that their safety can be monitored. The studies provide valuable information about how much and how often these potential new medicines should be given, and how well people tolerate them. In addition to early phase studies, the CRU conducts studies on new medicines through other stages of development and after a medicine is made available for public use in order to better characterize its properties or to support development of other dosage forms (e.g., capsules, injections). Many of these studies depend on healthy volunteers, while some involve patients who have the condition the medicine is intended to treat, such as diabetes or elevated cholesterol

To see what studies you may qualify for, call 1-800-254-6398 to speak with a phone screening representative. All studies have criteria that you must meet in order to qualify as a potential participant. Our phone screeners will determine what study/studies you might be eligible for.


All participating volunteers are compensated for their time and any inconvenience that may result from taking part in a study. The amount a study subject will be paid depends on criteria such as length of stay in the CRU, total number of study visits and the nature of the procedures involved during the study. By participating in a study you will receive a thorough medical evaluation including a physical examination and laboratory testing, compensation for your time and the chance to contribute to the development of a new medicine and possibly improving the health of others.


Pfizer was the first pharmaceutical company to be accredited by the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP) for protection of human rights in clinical research. Accreditation places Pfizer at the forefront of highest ethical and safety standards in clinical research.

AAHRPP is an independent, non-profit accrediting body that promotes ethically sound research of the highest quality. Organizations seeking accreditation must provide tangible evidence — through policies, procedures, and practices — of their commitment to ensure human rights protection in clinical research.

Pfizer voluntarily sought accreditation to demonstrate its commitment to integrity in research and because it wanted to be among more than 150 of the world’s best universities, hospitals, institutional review boards (IRBs) contract research organizations (CROs), and other organizations that are AAHRPP-accredited.