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Our commitment to collaboration extends to fostering new relationships with scientists and nurturing top research talent.

Pfizer R&D’s Investigator-Initiated Research program is an incubator for research projects that advance medical and scientific knowledge about our therapies and generates promising medical interventions.

This global program is open to all researchers who are interested in conducting their own research.

Private investigators can collaborate with experts in our Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) laboratories and academic medical centers to develop preclinical programs.

Depending on the type of research, Pfizer may provide flexible funding to support preclinical and early clinical development activities. If approved, funding will be accessible in installments related to achievement of specific program milestones.

Requestors may seek external funding in addition to any funding provided by Pfizer as long as such arrangements are consistent with the parties’ agreements and do not negatively impact the overall objectives of the project.

Types of Research Eligible for Support:

  • Clinical studies of approved and unapproved uses, involving approved or unapproved Pfizer therapies
  • Observational studies, such as epidemiology studies and certain outcomes research studies where the primary focus is the scientific understanding of disease
  • Other types of independent research on disease states, including novel diagnostic screening tools and surveys where Pfizer has no direct commercial interest
  • In vitro or animal studies that include funding*

*Pure compound-only requests that do not require funding should be submitted directly to the Pfizer Global Compound Transfer Group. Learn more about the Global Compound Transfer Program.

If you’re interested in discussing research questions or submitting your ideas, email us at [email protected] and tell us the about the therapeuti area you are interested in pursuing.

Pfizer also offers Competitive Grant Programs with specific research criteria and application timeframes.

For more information, please download our Investigator-Initiated Research Program Details.