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It’s time to put patients first. Ready for Cures is a program dedicated to increasing patient access to life-saving medicines and fostering policies that support healthcare innovation.

Every day, our researchers and developers seek cures for some of the world’s most complex diseases, such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer. We invest in research and development to produce innovative treatments, including biosimilars, gene therapy, and precision medicine. But these treatments don’t work if patients can’t access them.

Through Ready for Cures, we are advocating for solutions that will help patients access these cures. We need policies that support the use of affordable, effective treatments like biosimilars. And we need rebate reform that regulates the middleman so that patients can see lower out-of-pocket costs.

With your help, we can tell elected officials that it’s time to invest in innovation and remove barriers that stand between lifesaving medications and the patients who need them the most.


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